Dear P45 Friends,

This is the letter we didn’t want to write. We’ve written it, then unwritten it, in our minds dozens of times since the world began to change. We’ve spent weeks tracking the closures of spring events across the country and, over the past few days, we’ve watched these cancellations creep into the summer. More than anything, we wish we could say that northern Michigan is exempt from this reality, but as we all know, the impact of COVID-19 is very real here.

Artists from around the globe; immersive, up-close productions; and high-contact, physical work are the hallmarks of Parallel 45. These unique ingredients make us who we are; but, in this moment, we are challenged by the fact that these elements are directly at odds with our health and safety. 

Thus, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our Summer 2020 Theatre Festival. This decision stands in stark contrast to the “show must go on!” ethic that theatre people have spent a lifetime cultivating. However, theatre is nothing without its people. And if those people are not safe—our artists, our staff, our supporters, and our audience—we cannot ensure our ability to go on into the future. Because that is where we must go. After we’ve felt our disappointment at this temporary pause, we must take our hearts, minds, and daydreams and move into the future. With your support, we’ll move there together.

If you purchased a season subscription or a single ticket to our 2020 season, you are eligible for a full refund. To request your ticket refund, please email Emily at MyNorth Tickets. Or, if your circumstances allow, we ask you to consider converting your ticket refund to a tax-deductible donation. This will go a long way toward creating financial security during this unpredictable time. To donate your ticket refund, please contact

We had planned for the hills to come alive this summer, for breezy twilights under the tent, and for a collective community celebration of live performance. This is not the tenth anniversary we had planned.

But, we still have a great deal to celebrate. The gracious and open-hearted response from our artists, our board members, and our supporters has been overwhelming. In the face of losing months of hard work and financial investment, they have responded with the resolution to stay hopeful, to keep creating, and to pivot where possible to continue providing world-class theatre without leaving paradise. We are so grateful for these generous spirits.  

The uncertainty of this moment strikes at the heart of why we do what we do. Theatre doesn’t stick its head in the stand, it doesn’t shy away from heartbreaking situations, it doesn’t refuse to recognize the harsh edges of reality. Instead, theatre recognizes new realities, takes a deep breath, and responds with vision and compassion, imagining a future where we all want to live. Where we’ll all gather together again, just as soon as we can. 

With gratitude and hope,

Erin and Kit