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Looking Back: a celebration of P45's 2019 season

Dear Friends,

Last summer, after 10 years building the foundation, Parallel 45 Theatre hosted our first Summer Theatre Festival and started a new summer tradition. Friends picnicked on the lawn, neighbors gathered for a glass of wine, and strangers became friends laughing under the lights.

The beautiful tent went up, the show started, and we time-travelled to the 60’s, hopped through the forest, and landed in the mind of Anton Chekhov. Most importantly, we all went on an adventure—together.

This summer, we were excited to watch the hills come alive and to experience twilights under the tent in a community celebration of live performance. Instead, alongside theatres across the country and the world, we went dark.

But, out of that darkness, we emerged! Led by our incredible Education Team we pivoted to programming, education, and support for our P45 families with our Socially-distanced Outdoor Theatre Adventure Camps.

Throughout July, three groups of intrepid campers and one group of dedicated high school actors navigated a new normal, finding and sharing their voices. From socially distanced “devising” to well-spaced performances, from audition preparation to vocal technique, these one and two week sessions provided an escape from the pandemic and preparation for the path ahead.

Now, as we move into fall, and begin planning for the season ahead, we need YOUR support! The past two summers have shown the power and promise of gathering in the glade to learn, laugh, think, and feel together. No one can predict all the details of our return, but we are hard at work preparing for all possible contingencies that will keep our artists and our audiences safe while sharing the magic of live performance. We can’t wait until Summer of 2021, but it will not happen without YOU!

This is not the tenth anniversary we had planned, but together it can be the tenth anniversary we need. We can emerge to harness the power of live theatre to tell essential stories; to assemble diverse professionals artists to produce world-class theatre; and to inspire and train a new generation of actors, directors, and playwrights. We can do it - if we have YOU!

Thank You,

Erin and Kit
Co-Founders of Parallel 45 Theatre



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Parallel 45 Theatre Festival

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