Call for Submissions

P45 strives to create an exciting incubation space for innovative, irreverent and cutting-edge work. As we deepen our company’s mission, we are seeking concepts of re-works, re-tellings, and deconstructions of familiar stories and plays. In an effort to expand our creative leadership, carve an opportunity for new voices and break toxic narratives, Parallel 45 is calling for directors, choreographers, writers, makers, and performance artists of all disciplines to submit ideas for stories from the canon (from mythology to today) to be reinvigorated, reimagined and given fresh relevance.

These submissions can be an existing script you’ve always wanted to direct or a concept you’d like to develop and re-work. Your idea need not be fully formed; P45 will offer support and guidance from our team to help shape this into a full production. If you’ve got a show in you, from folklore to today’s mythology, fill out this short form and our selection committee will review your concept.

Form submissions are reviewed by P45 season selection committee member Rich Milock. For more information, feel free to email To be considered for our 2020-21 season programming (from residencies to full productions), the deadline is Dec 15, although the form will remain open for rolling opportunities. All ideas proposed belong solely to the submitting artist. P45 will not use any ideas without consent.