In step with theatres across the globe, Parallel 45 is
taking a beat. In what was supposed to be our Tenth Anniversary season, we find ourselves in an unexpected period of both reflection on the past and anticipation of the future: two balancing polarities that have always defined who we are.

Although we won’t produce a live theatre festival in Civic Center Park this summer, we will take this opportunity to dig deep into our mission, finding ways to entertain, encourage critical thought, and inspire conversation in our community--using all the virtual tools that allow us to do so while staying healthy and safe. 

Honoring the original spirit of our Tenth Anniversary Season, our virtual events will be a fusion of retrospective engagements and commissions of new work, interacting with some of our favorite previous performances and producing entirely new creations from partnering organizations such as The MITTEN Lab and Traverse City Dance Project among others. All will be innovative theatrical experiences using streaming and recording technology in the most intentional ways possible. 

We will fulfill our promise to deliver exceptional theatre education through new education programs for students of all ages. 

And, just as soon as it’s safe, we will continue our playreading series  -- live and in person -- where we left off this spring.

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