VENUE INFORMATION | The Amphitheater at Civic Center Park

Parallel 45’s new outdoor theatre combines the equipment and technology of an indoor black box theatre with the charm and rustic beauty of the northern Michigan outdoors. Covered by a Saddlespan tent, the theatre boasts an intimate three-quarter thrust arrangement located in the southwest corner of Civic Center Park.  


1213 W Civic Center Dr, Traverse City, MI 49686


Aisles: Section 1 has no center aisle. Sections 2 and 3 contain a center aisle in the first two rows.
Risers: The first row of seats is directly on the floor. The second and third rows are tiered on risers.
Each reserved seat is a folding chair with a padded seat.


Parallel 45 Theatre is committed to providing a fully inclusive venue and equal access entertainment experience for all patrons. At this time, wheelchair and companion seating is available for purchase on a first-come, first serve basis. P45 staff is happy to make your trip to the theater as enjoyable as possible. The stage can be accessed via an ADA-approved wheelchair ramp and there is reserved handicapped parking at the theatre main entrance. If you need assistance getting into your seat or into the theatre, please contact My North Tickets prior to the performance so P45 staff may be of greatest service helping you from car to stage with ease. P45 will continue to work toward providing safe and patron-friendly accommodations for all of those who may wish to experience our events.

The Lawn

For 2pm and 7:30pm shows, the lawn opens for all ticket holders 90 minutes before curtain.  The lawn is open 60 minutes prior to the 11am shows of Little Bunny Foo Foo. Patrons are encouraged to arrive early, relax, and enjoy a beautiful northern Michigan afternoon or evening.

Food and Alcohol

Food is available for purchase from various food vendors/trucks throughout the park and you are welcome to bring this onto the lawn or to bring your own picnic. There are a limited number of picnic tables available for reservation (email or you can bring a blanket!

Alcohol will be available for purchase on the amphitheater lawn from licensed vendors, provided you are 21 years of age or older. Patrons may not bring their own alcohol. Alcohol may not be taken outside the theatre fence.

Patrons are welcome to bring their purchased beverages to their seats; however, food is not permitted under the tent.


Parking is available in various lots throughout Civic Center Park, as well as on adjacent residential streets. Due to robust use of the park in summer months, parking is often at a premium. We highly encourage walking, biking, or car-pooling. See parking map for more details. Handicap parking spaces are reserved near the theatre’s main entrance. Parking map will be available shortly!


Civic Center Park offers limited conventional restrooms throughout the park, some a good distance from the theatre area. In addition to these options, Parallel 45 provides 3 clean portable restrooms near the theatre tent - including one ADA portable restroom--exclusively for its patrons.


Guests arriving after the start of a performance will be seated at the discretion of House Management. This will vary with each performance. Arriving early ensures you will not have to cross the stage while the show is in progress.


You may exchange or refund a subscription ticket by visiting MyNorth’s website, calling (800) 836-0717, or visiting the My North box office in person during business hours. There are no refunds on single tickets.


In the event of a sold-out performance, we will begin an in-person wait list 90 minutes before curtain. You must be present at the theatre to add your name. You may request up to 2 tickets per person present. Once your name is on the list, you may enjoy the lawn until 15 minutes before curtain. At this time, we will call names in the order they were received. We will sell any cancellations we have at full price. Please note all wait list tickets are full price; discount codes do not apply.


From time to time, weather may affect your enjoyment of the performance or it may cause a safety risk for you, the performers, or the staff. The decision to cancel a performance will be made 90 minutes prior to every performance. If a performance is cancelled prior to curtain, please contact My North Tickets within 24 hours of the cancelled performance and choose one of the three options listed below:

EXCHANGE: Exchange your tickets for another P45 performance.
DONATE – Show your support for Parallel 45 Theatre and donate the value of your tickets!
REFUND – If you are unable to return this season, we are happy to provide a refund for the tickets to the affected performance.

If emergency weather stops a performance after 1 hour of performance, there will be no refunds. Prior to 1 hour, the above options apply.


Is the entire venue covered or are only certain seats covered? All seats are covered, but inclement weather may render certain seats wet.
Are the seats raised or are they flat on the floor? The first row of seats is directly on the floor. The second and third rows are tiered on risers.
Are the seats chairs or bleachers? Each reserved seat is a folding chair with a padded seat
Can you picnic on the lawn? Yes. You may purchase food from the park’s vendors/food trucks or bring your own. Bringing one’s own alcohol is prohibited.
Are there picnic tables on the lawn? Yes. There are 10 available for reservation. Email to reserve a table.
Will there be food/alcohol sold? Yes. Food is available for purchase outside the theatre entrance and throughout the park, depending on the day/time. Alcohol will be sold to those 21 years and older by licensed vendors within the theatre area only. Bringing one’s own alcohol within the lawn perimeter is prohibited.
Is a ticket required to enjoy the lawn? Yes. The lawn is for theatre patrons only.
Can I take pictures or recordings of the show? The use of cameras or any other recording device is strictly prohibited but you may take photos with the actors after the show!
Can I use my phone during the show? Sounds and light from electronic devices are disruptive to other audience members and performers. Thank you for refraining from using any devices during a performance, and please make sure all devices are turned off or silenced.